Even after a successful demo, questions often remain. Was it real, or just smoke and mirrors? Does the product actually solve the problems our developers and solutions architects are having? Importantly, demos don’t provide the hands-on opportunity for your team to build prototypes.

Our next Hackathon will be held on 12 June at the beautiful Microsoft Technical Centre in Bryanston. Contact us for details! 

The legacy process of technology adoption often leaves potential customers doubting the authenticity of demos and unsure of the ability of the technology to solve real issues. This is aggravated by never truly appreciating to true total cost of ownership of this technology adoption.

The ComUnity Digital Adoption Hackathon combines a technical demo, proof-of-concept exercise, and hands-on training into a single, accelerated experience.

Participants will work with ComUnity’s platform engineers to build out a working digital prototype. During this 3-4-hour workshop, participants will:

  1. Hands-on exploration of the ComUnity Platform Developer Tools
  2. Prototype an end-to-end solution based on real organizational requirements. This prototype could connect real internal data with various external digital touch-points.
  3. Evaluate the power and cost effectiveness of a single digital operations platform.


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