Platform Overview

ComUnity’s Digitisation Platform consists of a number of components and services which support delivery of the platform’s omnichannel promise. These components work together to deliver a unique digital experience across multiple channels, devices and settings. We provide all the elements you need to automate the way you create and run connected, agile digital ecosystems.

Our low code, rapid digitization platform allows for the manageable and cost-efficient creation of contextualised stakeholder experiences across the full range of digital touchpoints. The platform enables organisations and innovators to provide ubiquitous customer care, application, and communication services to audiences. Organisations can connect consumers, citizens, and partners with internal teams by integrating data, processes, and people to drive their business and operating models.

ComUnity’s Technical Document is available for download now!

ComUnity Platform Technical Description 16th Apr 2018 Download

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Our platform delivers your applications, content and services to multiple channels. No more separate digital channels for each device or digital and social interface. Now a single common platform performs any number of functions.

For a cost of 10X less than building from scratch, we lead you into the bright, new future. We make the leap to digital simple and beautiful – with our platform, you filter information based on specific customer needs. The ComUnity Customer Experience Platform is built on Azure so implementation is fast and easy. Conversations with stakeholders are no longer reactive, they are engaging, authentic and relevant. Your time to market is quicker – days and weeks, not months and years - so you enjoy greater organisational agility. You build easy-to-run digital initiatives with better market reach and relevance. Constant feedback and information exchange gives you more business impact for your buck.

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