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It's Easy To Go Digital with the ComUnity Pricing Model

For a significantly reduced cost, we lead you into the bright, new future.

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The ComUnity Platform is priced on a Pay-as-you-Succeed model. Fees increase only when you achieve your goals of reaching more people and enhancing your brand. That's how confident we are of our product platform.

We offer tiered pricing - from initial Per User Pay-as-You-Go up to and beyond 100,000 profiled users on an annual, monthly or hourly basis, with incremental steps in between to cater for all users and all sizes. What could be more accommodating of your business’ financial needs?

Call us – we know we can help you build, package, deliver, operate and manage your digital ecosystem for far less than you’ve ever imagined.

Submit your details and we will get in touch to work out a pricing plan specifically for you.

Some questions you may have...

  • Is ComUnity a Rapid Application Development Platform?

    ComUnity is so much more. We are low-code platform for building and running sophisticated, multisided, consumer facing digital ecosystems. ComUnity connects data, choreographs digital operations, and creates contextualised digital experiences that run across every type of consumer device.

  • We need to move beyond linear application experiences, towards a fully digitised business model. Is ComUnity the right platform-as-a-service for us?

    You are 100% on the right track. Organisations that fail to fully digitise their business models will not be able to compete. Customers expect wrap-around services that puts them at the centre of your business model, seamlessly connecting data, processes, and people into beautiful and choreographed experiences whenever they need you to be relevant to them.