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For a significantly reduced cost, we lead you into the bright, new future.

ComUnity’s licensing model is premised on a volume driven, decreasing Cost per Profiled User. This encourages clients to increase the volume of digital services and workloads they run on the platform to connected users. This approach exponentially reduces the cost of digitally transforming operating models in line with the promise of using an agile platform. It’s a symbiotic model that drives the right behaviour for the best commercial outcomes while improving the customer experience.

Our business is built on the principle of Pay-as-you-Succeed, which aligns ComUnity commercially and strategically with our client’s digital transformation journey.

We offer tiered pricing – from initial Per User Pay-as-You-Go up to and beyond 100,000 profiled users on an annual, monthly or hourly basis, with incremental steps in between to cater for all users and all sizes. What could be more accommodating to your business’ financial needs?



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