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What is the ComUnity Platform?

The ComUnity Platform is a low code, rapid digitization platform. The platform enables the creation, deployment, and operation of multi-sided digital ecosystems that deliver contextualised stakeholder experiences across the range of digital touchpoints.

The platform enables organisations and innovators to cost-efficiently provide ubiquitous customer service, application, and communication services. Audiences such as consumers, citizens, partners, and employees connect data, processes, and people to drive business and operating models.

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End-user experiences which wrap around the stakeholder include:

  • Application Services: the services within the ComUnity Platform which create and choreograph a set of native application and web-driven experiences.
  • Communication Services: the ComUnity Platform services which manage complex message flows across various end-to-end Customer Journeys.
  • Customer Care Services: aspects of the ComUnity Platform which facilitate a great service experience which is based on a deep understanding of customers' needs, and the management thereof.
Many of the advantages of using a fit-for-purpose Digital Operating Platform such as the ComUnity Platform include:

  • Enhanced end-to-end security
  • Network optimisation across all channels
  • Improved performance of network facing components
  • System manageability across all channels
  • High Availability and failover
  • Rapid application Development and rollout of digital capabilities
  • Ubiquitous services across all channels
  • Insights gained from deep platform analytics

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