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ComUnity provides organisations with an end-to-end digital engineering stack on a pay-as-you-succeed basis. This significantly reduces the risk, cost, and complexity of digital transformation. The outcome is to enable the focus on resources on the things that matter most – succeeding, servicing and satisfying more users more profitably.

In the digital economy, data is king. With the ComUnity Platform, digital transformation journeys are data-driven. At the heart of the ComUnity model is a Visual Studio data services model which describes digital ecosystems. This data model describes the role players (people) that need to collaborate in digital operating projects, and the key processes that need to interact with jobs to be done. Digital organisations build their own data models from scratch or start using one of the generic or virtualised patterns from the platform.

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The ComUnity Platform follows a declarative approach. Your data model is defined, decorated and enhanced using the Platform Developers Toolkit. At this layer you translate data into digital experiences, using the Developer Toolkit to rapidly define omnichannel experiences for the user roles you have defined. A broad set of Sample Services are available for use as building blocks for the experiences you need to create. These cross-cutting Sample Services work from data through to presentation layer to significantly increase the speed and quality with which you deliver world-class omnichannel customer journeys.

Every ComUnity Platform instance comprises Dev, QA, and Live environments. When you are ready to move from Dev to QA, the platform auto builds the digital experiences for each of your ecosystem role-players and also builds them for every type of consumer device and channel that you may encounter in the market (native on smart devices and older mobile phones, all browsers, social media, live chat, email, SMS, MMS, USSD). This enables organisations to build and run inclusive, market scale digital services that wrap around customers at unprecedented levels of speed, quality and cost efficiency.

As you move your digital ecosystem project or iterative enhancements from QA to live, the operations components of the ComUnity Platform come to the fore. The platform can be used for distribution of omnichannel apps and communication services. As users connect to the platform, it performs posture detection to interrogate the channel the user is connecting from, the location, and deliver the most appropriate application or service experience for that channel.

The ComUnity Platform creates smart clients that call home when they are opened to ask whether they are running the latest metamodel. If there is a new metamodel available it is updated to the client and the smart client executes the build of any new features and functions. This declarative, data-driven model enables organisations to iterate their digital platforms on a daily basis, automating updates across their digital architecture, from data through to the presentation layer within a fraction of the time and effort it would normally take them.

The entire ComUnity Platform is driven by metadata with the story of the digital ecosystem written to a metadata repository. Every user and system interaction is recorded in the metadata repository providing a powerful foundation for analytics, reporting, digital CRM, AI and other data-driven business tools that can enhance the digital business model.

ComUnity provides you with an end-to-end digital engineering stack on a pay-as-you-succeed basis. This significantly reduces the risk, cost, and complexity of digital transformation for your organization, enabling you to focus your resources on the things that matter most – winning, servicing and satisfying more customers more profitably.

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