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Bill Presentment and Payment: ComUnity's Digitally-Holistic Approach

19th July 2018

In this modern digital world, it is incumbent upon organisations to change the way they interact with citizens and customers in the realm of Bill Presentment and Payment. Archaic analogue systems such as postal services for bill presentment and in-person payments will no longer meet the expectations of the modern consumer. Furthermore, the one-size-fits-all approach to digital processes, such as electronic payment, is no longer effective as stakeholders all exhibit different behaviours as they interact across varied digital services and channels.

It is no longer sufficient to replace a single analogue process with a single digital equivalent. Customers and citizens expect to be able to interact with your organisation on the digital channel the user desires. ComUnity helps organisations approach Bill Presentment and Payment in a digitally holistic and impactful way with every step of this journey carefully orchestrated to maximise Return on Investment (ROI).