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ComUnity revolutionises the way organisations succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world

  • Connect data, choreograph digital operations, and create contextualised anywhere, anytime customer experiences to every device
  • Low-code, end-to-end digitisation platform that automates multi-sided digital ecosystems
  • Digitise operations more than 10X faster, better, and more cost effectively

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What is ComUnity?

ComUnity is a one-stop digital services platform that enables businesses and institutions to easily deliver rich, wrap-around applications and services to clients via any consumer device, including native apps on all feature phones. With the easy application of ComUnity's technology, your customers and stakeholders can experience exceptional digital service.

Benefits of building on the ComUnity platform

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    Days and weeks. Not months (or years!)

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    Automation ensures outstanding brand experiences

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    10x-100x more cost efficient than building from scratch

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    All customers, on every device, across any channel

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    Data driven platform provides ultimate interaction context

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    Centralised management makes it easy to adapt

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    Less Complexity

    Because we know digitisation is hard and skills in short supply

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    Rigorously manifested across digital architecture

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    Easy control over digital ecosystems

Our Business Model Serves You

ComUnity’s subscription model is premised on a volume driven, decreasing cost per Profiled User. This encourages clients to increase the volume of digital services and workloads they run on the platform. This approach exponentially reduces the cost of digitally transforming operating models in line with the promise of using an agile platform. It’s a symbiotic model that drives the right behaviour for the best commercial outcomes while improving the customer experience. Our business is built on the principle of Pay-as-you-Succeed, which aligns ComUnity commercially and strategically with our client’s digital transformation journey.

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